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Skilled Worker Self-Assessment

The self-assessment test will help you determine if you meet the requirements of a skilled worker immigrant.
This test is only to give you an idea of whether you will qualify as a skilled worker. A Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) officer will make a decision about your application based on the information you provide.
Pass mark
The current pass mark is 67. The pass mark could change. You should check for updated information on a regular basis.
You will get final score whether you are eligible to immigrate yourself along with family in Canada. A sample final score is like this:
Here is the breakdown of an example score:

Factor Maximum
1 Education 25 20
2 Language Ability 24 14
3 Work Experience 21 21
4 Age 10 10
5 Arranged Employment 10 0
6 Adaptability 10 3
Total Score 100 68
The final score of this example is: 68
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Pass Mark
The pass mark as of September 18, 2003 is 67.
Did you pass?
If your mark from this test is the same or higher than the current pass mark, you may qualify to immigrate as a skilled worker.

Application Form (Skilled Worker)

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Final Decision

A CIC officer will make the final decision on the application you submit to a Visa Office. Make sure you fill out the application forms completely. You will need to provide documents to support your application and, if selected, to pass medical and security checks.
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